AJM Cleaning Services, can take over your existing cleaning and enhance it with our professional service.

Background: A local establisment employing their own small team of cleaners had a few issues with sickness and holiday cover, which sometimes led to the cleaners not turing up and that in turn would lead to thier impeccable standards slipping. 

This was not acceptable to the company as they are very customer focused and needed to uphold their standards.

Our solution: We actually offered employment to one of the cleaners who is still with us today, and implemented a cleaning schedule with the company which took away their headache of getting cleaners there on time everyday.

We now clean every morning 7 days a week for them with no problems with sickness, holidays or pay disputes etc.

They are more than happy with the solution, they know that we are there every day on time and providing them with the help and support they require.

If you want to discuss how AJM can help your business please don't hesitate to contact us.


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